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What do you know about the wireless remote doorbell?

The so-called remote doorbell is different from the ordinary installation doorbell. It's a kind of a hands-free doorbell and a set of two parts one is the launch part and you can paste it directly outside the door. The doorbell products has always been popular with consumers of a product, has not eliminated all ages, and with the development of science and technology constantly improve, now the development of remote control doorbell, bring to our life convenient and safe.

"Doorbell" this thing less heard that in ancient times of China, a large family of money is the knocker on the door with ornamental, the door knocker man blows the ring under the nail the thrum of the larger, modern "doorbell" role. "Doorbells" often appear in the ancient films of foreign films, as well as rich people hanging a huge bronze handle in front of the door. When the coachman delivers the guest to the door, he will pull the bell to show the bearer. In modern times, "doorbell" is no longer a special item for rich families. "doorbells" have been widely used in ordinary people's homes. "Doorbells" are a dime a dozen, and the "doorbell" is more than just a doorbell.

The doorbell, the bell on the door, makes a sound to remind the host of a visitor. Now, the more common doorbells are doorbells, remote-controlled doorbells, and wired doorbells.

Remote doorbell, also called wireless remote control doorbell or remote-controlled doorbell. The usual remote doorbell has a remote doorbell, an ordinary remote doorbell, and a visual remote-controlled doorbell. Remote doorbell is a kind of doorbell developed by civil wireless technology. The average remote doorbell is about 40 meters long. By 2. 4G frequency wireless transmission video or voice signal, transmission distance can reach up to 400 meters in a barrier-free environment. The remote control doorbell does not need to be wired, the installation is simple and flexible, but the transmission distance is greatly affected by the transmission distance and the field environment. Wired doorbells are just the opposite. The ordinary remote-control doorbell needs to use batteries, which need to be replaced in time. The battery-operated doorbell relies on the power of a button to power the power of the device, free of battery limits.

The remote doorbell can be divided into wireless non-visual doorbell and wireless video doorbell. Wireless non-visual doorbells only transmit voice signals. When visitors ring the doorbell, the host can only hear the sound, not the image of the visitor. The wireless video doorbell is capable of both voice calls and images of visitors. Remote control doorbell from the transmitter power points, can be divided into passive and active remote control doorbell remote control doorbell, passive remote control doorbell is refers to the transmitter by visitors doorbell energy into electricity to drive (don't need batteries), and the active remote control doorbell is rely on internal battery power.