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Application status and development trend of LED intelligent lighting control system.

At present, the rapid development of science and technology has greatly changed people's life. With the emergence of intelligent technology, intelligent lighting control system more reflects the characteristic, can make full use of the organic combination of manual and automatic control, make the lighting system can meet the practical requirement of people more. At the same time, modern lighting system is not only easy to operate, but also easier to manage, which is beneficial to save manpower and financial resources. This paper discusses the application of intelligent lighting system and puts forward the future trend of lighting system.

1. Overview of the current situation of intelligent lighting market.

In the initial stage of market development, intelligent lighting, despite its broad development prospects, is still not widely applied and popularized due to the characteristics of current market environment conditions. There is a general lack of awareness of the consumption of intelligent lighting products, and manufacturers and buyers have not increased their publicity so that the smart lighting market still has a large development space. At the same time, the intelligent lighting for domestic luxury still and lighting products are expensive, grassroots to lighting the basic expenses, thus promoting basketball intelligent lighting products is difficult to realize intelligent lighting market in the process of development face more severe challenges. For foreign countries, smart lighting products are not promoted separately, but only as part of the development of intelligent technology. For domestic, in the initial development stage, although intelligent lighting industry gradually arisen, each big companies such as the Swiss franc, haier is committed to the development of intelligent lighting technology, but is limited by people's consumption idea and the domestic market, it is difficult to develop a broader product sales channels, is not conducive to the development of the lighting market.

However, with the advent of computer Internet era, with the development of a series of advanced technologies such as communication technology, people pay more and more attention to the realization of digital home. Intelligent lighting technology can effectively promote the development of digital home, and in recent years, the smart lighting market has gradually started to develop. In particular, consumers' understanding of intelligent home is gradually strengthened, and intelligent lighting is gradually becoming the path of industrialization. In view of the current development trend, intelligent lighting technology will be further applied and popularized in the near future, and will be fully integrated into People's Daily life.

2. POE intelligent interconnection lighting system overview.

2.1 introduction to huayu gene center scheme.

In order to further explore the application status of intelligent lighting technology, this paper takes huarong gene building as an example. The central plan adopts POE lighting technology to realize intelligent control of the lighting system, which is beneficial to environmental protection and energy saving, thus achieving good intelligent office. Solutions in the process of implementation of the construction of the center, the use of advanced LED lights can be vital to achieve energy saving, and make use of intelligent technology, can be induced to light and human body, so as to achieve good energy saving effect. According to statistics, compared with traditional lamps and lanterns, the application of LED lights to achieve energy saving more than 70%, greatly save the cost of construction project, is expected to less than five years' time, application of LED can recover the cost effective, and can save money more than $one million. In addition, POE lighting technology can also realize precise positioning, reduce manual workload, and improve the security of indoor office.

2.2 POE lighting system architecture.

POE lighting technology in the process of practical application, the network management, LED lamps and lanterns, POE router, gateway and the related application software, thus formed a relatively perfect system, system architecture diagram is shown in figure 1.